Sample Chapters

Sample chapters for book #2 are not yet available as it is still being written.

A preview of Book #2 in the exciting series, Global Watch:

Everything that the team at Global Watch has fought to defend is unraveling around them.  In the wake of a major victory toppling the Eastern European Empire, GW’s best agent, Kyp Sanders, is missing and presumed to have gone rogue.  Max Park, Kyp’s best friend, is sent to hunt him down and bring him back, dead or alive.  As tensions mount and Max draws closer, Kyp must reconcile his allegiance and determine for which side he is really fighting.

The stakes rise as a training mission goes seriously awry and a team of Global Watch rookies becomes intertwined in a web of international intrigue more tangled and complicated then it’s prepared to handle.  The future of the country is at stake. Global Watch’s best agents are temporarily vulnerable and defenseless, and the only force that is capable of saving the day is the novice team of eight young men and women and their instructor, Bruce Dominguez.  All external communications are down, and Bruce and his team believe this crisis is part of a training mission.  Little do they know that the danger is real and that as Max Park hunts Kyp, Kyp is hunting Bruce and his team.   

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