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Global Watch: Re-edited One Year Anniversary Edition

Posted in Updates on March 24, 2010 by jzeibert

Thank you to all of my loyal readers and supporters. The launch of the one year anniversary edition of Global Watch commemorates the current fluid nature of the publishing industry.  My vision for the Global Watch series has always been to share my work with the public quickly and efficiently though online publication.  In that regard, I chose initially to act as both author and primary editor of my work.  However, after a year of collecting feedback from both fans and critics alike, I am re-releasing Global Watch in a new, professionally edited format.  The story and characters that you have all grown to know and love remain completely intact, but the text and syntax are now polished to match the integrity of the novel and will become the ongoing standard for the Global Watch series.

I want to thank all of my readers again for helping to make the first Global Watch novel a success.  I look forward to hearing feedback about the new edition, as well as continuing to receive reader suggestions for the sequel.

Thank you,

Joe Zeibert



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