Global Watch: Book 1




Harry Truman’s greatest legacy, a secret organization called Global Watch, is suddenly put to the ultimate test as an international conspiracy unfolds which threatens the American way of life.  Out of the chaos, an empire from the past is resurrected causing a global power shift.  The lines of the map begin to blur pushing the new superpowers to the brink of World War III.

For over 60 years, the elite forces of Global Watch have operated independently from the U.S government with the sole purpose of protecting the world from danger.  Now Kyp Sanders and his team of select agents at Global Watch are all that stand between order and anarchy.  Yet Kyp seems powerless as he watches citizens of every nation vehemently cheer for their new oppressors.

Only by working with former enemies can Global Watch hope to stop this conspiracy.  While the mission is risky and dangerous, and chances for success look bleak, failure is not an acceptable option for the forces of Global Watch.

Global Watch marks the first entry of a new action packed series wrought with political intrigue and international conspiracy.  The fast paced twists and turns will keep the cleverest minds guessing until the very end, and holding their breath as the ultimate endgame unfolds. 

This novel sets the stage for a series of global espionage thrillers, filled with scandal and romance that will leave you waiting in anticipation for the next edition. 

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14 Responses to “Global Watch: Book 1”

  1. Antoine Marie Says:

    Hello Joe!
    That’s great news ! Can I get a copy?

    • jzeibert Says:

      Hi Antoine,

      Of course, just select the format that you like and follow the links above for that format. I hope you enjoy it!


  2. Maud Y. Says:

    I enjoyed Global Watch on Kindle. Great read. Love Kyp and his team and looking forward to another adventure with them. Washington, DC is always an exciting city. The real secret agency must be wondering how you breached their security!

    • jzeibert Says:

      Hi Maud,

      I’m glad that you liked the characters, it took a long time to develop them to the point where they would be realistic enough to take on the world altering mission that was thrown at them. Check out the summary of the sequel on my book #2 page to see what awaits the team.



  3. Hello Joe

    I am a really busy guy, but stopped to read Global Watch. Congrats on your first book. I am impressed with your writing and your intriquing story. Want to hear about the next book.

    • jzeibert Says:

      Hi Ray,

      I’m glad you had time to read GW, it is very quick and fast paced since the action never stops. Thanks for being a loyal reader.


  4. Great story; cool characters; loved it overall!! Hope to see a 2nd novel soon!!

  5. Loved it! What a quick read. Can’t wait for book 2. In my mind , a new superstar novelist has arrived. Expect big things!

  6. jzeibert Says:

    Hi Readers,
    You can now become a fan of Global Watch on Facebook. Just log on to Facebook and then click here.



    • jzeibert Says:

      Check out the new issue of Boston University Builders and Leaders Magazine for an article about me and Global Watch. Aside from spelling my name wrong it is a pretty good endorsement. This issue is not yet available online, but when it is I will post the link for everyone.

  7. Price Cut! GW now Available for $1.99

    Warmest thanks to all of my loyal readers for their amazing support. As I ramp up the process on writing the next books in the series I am dropping the price on the cornerstone novel. My goal, as many of you know, is about getting my work out to the public, so you can now find Global Watch on all listed sites for only $1.99.

    Note that Amazon puts a 24 hour hold on price changes, thus the updated price will be available from Amazon Thursday, August 13th at 6:45 pm.

    Thank you all again.

  8. jzeibert Says:

    Global Watch: Re-edited One Year Anniversary Edition

    Thank you to all of my loyal readers and supporters. The launch of the one year anniversary edition of Global Watch commemorates the current fluid nature of the publishing industry. My vision for the Global Watch series has always been to share my work with the public quickly and efficiently though online publication. In that regard, I chose initially to act as both author and primary editor of my work. However, after a year of collecting feedback from both fans and critics alike, I am re-releasing Global Watch in a new, professionally edited format. The story and characters that you have all grown to know and love remain completely intact, but the text and syntax are now polished to match the integrity of the novel and will become the ongoing standard for the Global Watch series.

    I want to thank all of my readers again for helping to make the first Global Watch novel a success. I look forward to hearing feedback about the new edition, as well as continuing to receive reader suggestions for the sequel.
    Thank you,

    Joe Zeibert

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